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Ready, Set, Sew with Waves and Wild Patterns - By Vikki Kimber

I came across Waves and Wild Patterns a few years ago when I wanted to try out some new Little Miss Sew n’ Sew’s jersey fabric and a new overlocker machine. The experience with all was amazing! The Waves and Wild Pattern was super easy to follow and the overlocker machine glided easily over this cosy jersey fabric!

Little Miss Sew n’ Sew are promoting Waves and Wild Patterns with their All Set to Sew Packs. Sewers can choose from many options but I went with the Hot Chocolate Sweater.

I’m a Mother of three boys and they live in jumpers, hoodies, and joggers. I knew as soon as I saw the Waves and Wild Hot Chocolate Sweatshirt pattern as one of the All Set to Sew options, that it was perfect for them.

The Waves and Wild's Hot Chocolate Sweatshirt pattern has many different options, like many of their patterns, to make it unique for all three of my boys. You can choose between three different necklines of a crew neck, cowl neck, or hoodie. In addition, there are two options for pockets: patch pocket or kanga pocket, and last, you can choose two different lengths as either a top or a dress, if you have girls. Of course, my 10-year-old son, who lives in hoodies during the colder months chose the hoodie with a kanga pocket. The Hot Chocolate Sweater pattern starts at prem size and goes all the way up to age 12. It’s a great pattern for beginners, as it is super easy to sew together and the instructions were simple to follow.


I love the fact that Little Miss Sew n’ Sew’s All Set to Sew Packs come with everything you need from start to finish. When you purchase the pack, it comes with the emailed pattern and instructions to print at home which is easy to understand, your choice of fabric, and whatever you may need to finish the project: interfacing, thread, cuffing,  buttons, etc.

Little Miss Sew n’ Sew gives you options of all the different fabrics that could be perfect for your project. My boy loved the bright Skateboard Soft Sweat on Taupe fabric that I choose to work with, and I loved the fact that everything was sent to me and I didn’t have to worry about going to the store to get the fabric! That in itself was like heaven! I also enjoyed that Little Miss Sew n’ Sew chose a cuff colour that set off the orange in the jumper, which made it so different and unique! My Son loved it and can’t wait for me to make him more!

If you are also choosing a sweater pattern, I do suggest using clips or pins around the cuffs and neckline of the sweater to ensure that you have the fabrics evenly lined up. Take your time with the hood if that is the option you are going with, as you want to overlap the ends slightly in the front.

While I chose the Hot Chocolate Sweatshirt from Waves and Wild, the All Set to Sew projects also have Waves and Wild’s Zip Zap Coverall, Lunar T-Shirt, Lightning Legs, Bandana Bib, and many more! You will not be disappointed in any of the patterns or fabric you choose!

Find the full range of Waves and Wild patterns here 

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