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Mettler Seraflex Stretch Thread - 130m (2000)

Mettler Seraflex Stretch Thread - 130m (2000)

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SERAFLEX is the perfect sewing thread for highly elastic seams. Due to its innovative raw material PTT (37% renewable raw material) an elongation of approx. 65% is achieved, making all seams highly elastic.

SERAFLEX makes especially the straight stitch extremely stretchable, in the best case even a doubling of the seam elasticity can be achieved compared to seams with conventional sewing threads. Due to its extremely elastic properties SERAFLEX is primarily used for clothing, e.g. as sewing thread for ladies’ outerwear, for menswear, for sportswear and outdoor as well as for lingerie and underwear.

Instructions for use:

• SERAFLEX should be used both as a needle and as a bobbin thread

• Adjustment of the needle thread tension according to “as much as necessary, as little as possible” i.e. as loose as possible

• The bobbin thread should also be wound with as little thread tension as possible to prevent the thread from stretching beforehand.

Length: 130 m

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